560L Cross Door Refrigerator


Hisense 560 L Cross Door Refrigerator is the ultimate addition to any home. With it's spacious interior and advanced features is designed to make life easier. With its perfect width and flat doors design, this premium flat Cross door refrigerator fits every kitchen. By eliminating up to 99.999% of bacteria, this refrigerator keeps your food fresh for a longer period of time. Thanks to highly effective antibacterial liner inside the fridge is bacteria-free, making it more clean and healthy to use.You can set the fridge and the freezer to whatever temperature suits you most. My Fresh Choice compartment is perfect if you need more fridge or freezer space, depending on your daily need, because it has the biggest temperature span. Enjoy flexibility with the fully adjustable shelves. If you want more space between the shelves, simply take one out and place it on a different shelf-holde

Key Features
Frost Free
Inverter Energy Efficient Technology
Smart Design French Doors
Multi Air Flow System
Triple Zone Compartment
Anti- bacteria guard
Internal LED lasting light
Temperature control
Multi function touch Control Panel
Electronic LED temperature control panel
Five years warranty

GH¢ 18,600.00 18600.0 GHS GH¢ 18,600.00

GH¢ 18,600.00

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